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The Full Mod Is Here!

This Mod Includes

  • All of the Previous Mods
  • Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • An Original Soundtrack and Artwork
  • Bonus Content
  • Creator Friendly Tools
  • Much More Coming Soon!


Meet The Team


The story thus-far is that Blue a hitman hired by Daddy Dearest was sent to kill you you fight him in the form of a rap battle and win. Blue who is noticeably upset about this changes color pallet and fights again. You win once again, Blue changes colors again and puts on some sort of mask and continues to fight. Blue eventually enters a state of realization and questions whether or not you want to continue. You fight him and win, so Blue gives up. You go about your business and eventually find Blue at the gym. You approach him and he is quite mad with you for ruining his perfect record but reluctantly begins training you. After the training you and Blue go to the mall to celebrate but a mysterious person named Vextor appears. Vextor was hired for the same job as Blue, so naturally he rap battles you. you beat him and then someone comes up behind him and snaps his neck. Despite snapping Vextor's neck he appears to be friendly and he tells you to meet him by the wheat field. Once you get there he tells you that his name is Mario and he is kind of like a god who created the universe but his powers are fading. You go about your life not really thinking about it but things start to look weird. and eventually everything goes black. You then see Mario, he tells you that somehow he managed to save you and that things are kind of hopeless. He then proceeds to rap battle you because that's what people do when they're sad. As you sing you realize that some things are going back to normal until they all go back to normal. You, Blue, and Mario all go to the mall to celebrate, but celebrations are cut short when Groxen an old enemy of Blue's shows up. You rap battle him and win but Blue was also killed in the process. You are upset by this and kill Groxen but then his leader Fritz comes to battle you. you lose and the universe is reset with only you, Blue, and Mario having any memory of it.


  • 9/25/21 - Demo Released
  • 4/12/22 - Demo V2 Released


Vs Blue Windows
Vs Blue Mac

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